Best Movies Of Scarlett Johnson

One of the easiest ways to entertain yourself is by watching a movie. Yes, most of us do like to watch a movie in order to spend some soothing time ahead. Nowadays, we all use a smartphone with which we can do many of our routine tasks done. You don’t need to be a technical person in order to use a smartphone. You can easily start exploring a whole new world of technology within a smartphone. If you are a complete movie buff then you can use apps that let you watch free movies like ShowBox and Movie Box on your smartphone. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can simply install Show Box and can start watching out your favorite movies. Top 5 Scarlett Johnson Movies are enlisted here. If you are a big fan of the gorgeous Scarlett Johnson, here’s a special treat for you all.

Top 5 Scarlett Johnson Movies

  1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a drama, romance movie which was released in the year 2008. The movie has 7.7 ratings from its viewers. The story is quite interesting where two girlfriends are on a summer holiday and fell for the same guy. Both of them are unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture. If you love such romantic movies with a lot of twists and turns, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is the movie for you.

  1. The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl is a Biography, Drama, History movie which was released in the year 2008 starring your very own, Scarlett Johnson. The movie carries 6.7 ratings from its viewers. The story is all about King Henry VIII and his love story where two sisters contend for the affection with King Henry himself. If you love to watch historical movies, The Other Boleyn Girl is the movie made for you.

  1. The Avengers

The Avengers is an epic super heroes movie which was released in the year 2012. The movie is packed with all of your favorite super heroes who must come together to learn to fight up against the Loki and his alien army who are looking for enslaving humanity. The movie is full of action and gives you the best shots of action throughout the time. A must watch for everyone!

  1. Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is a 2003 Drama movie with 7.8 ratings from its viewers. The story is about a faded movie star and a neglected young woman. They both come across in Tokyo and started feeling for each other. The movie describes the love for what your hear says well in a mesmerising way. It features your favorite Scarlett Johnson as a lead actress. If you love watching drama movies, Lost in Translation is the one to watch tonight.

  1. The Island

The Island is a 2005 popular action, adventure, romance movie with high ratings from all of its viewers. The Story is about Lincoln Six Echo who loves to go to the Island. It’s quite normal to go to the Island for other people but for Echo, it’s a completely different thing. He discovers a whole new sinister purpose going on at that facility and that he must escape. The movie is all about how your imagination can move ahead. A must watch for real entertainment!

Top 5 File Sharing Apps for iOS and Android

Technology has enabled people to use mobile devices practically for everything from messaging to taking photos and videos. Mobile devices are also important tools for carrying and sharing files. The old methods of sending files between mobile devices through emails and Bluetooth have since been replaced by file sharing apps. In this article, we analyze the top 5 file sharing apps in the market.


Xender is a file sharing app that enables iOS and android devices to transfer files at any time and across your range of devices or to a computer. Xender allows a user to connect a device if it is on the same network as the computer or use offline mode by creating a WI-FI hotspot to transfer multiple files by dragging and dropping. Two powerful features of xender are that it has no file size limitations and the app is able to get the APK files on devices and make a backup of specific versions. To initiate file sharing between devices through Xender, the app must be open on both devices and must be connected on the same network/WI-FI. 


Infinit is a file sharing app for iOS and android devices. It supports free, unlimited file transfers across a reliable internet connection or WI-FI connection. The app supports multiple recipients and allows a user to send large-sized files to email recipients. Infinit provides a user with a timeline which shows a history of all the files sent and received and also provides a notification when the files are downloaded by a recipient. It is one the best iPhone file transfer applications. The three premium versions of infinit come with advanced features such as password protection, custom domains and expiration dates for links.


This app is a powerful one for quick sharing of notifications, web links, screenshots, photos, notes and files from a browser to multiple mobile devices at once. It is available as a browser extension for Opera, Firefox and Chrome. When a user is browsing a web page, the app automatically grabs the page and can easily share its contents in just two clicks. Pushbullet mobile app allows the user to share messages and files in much the same ways as popular chat apps although it restricts the sending to one file at a time.


Superbeam app for Android and iOS uses WI-FI Direct technology to send files between devices. The file can simply be shared by connecting two devices through scanning of QR codes or pairing them over Near Field Communication (NFC). iOS restricts file management to the camera roll meaning that you can only share photos and videos but on Android, you can share much more including apps, documents, contacts, images, music, and videos.


SHAREit has an intuitive interface which makes file sharing a one-click exercise. It allows you to easily share multiple files of any size across multiple operating systems just by highlighting the files you intend to share and clicking the “send” option. SHAREit enables sharing of files between devices and a PC without a mobile data connection by connecting the two devices suing a QR code provided by SHAREit’s PC app. It is a great app to transfer data from android to iPhone. The app can automatically detect music and video files and can replicate SMS, contacts and multimedia files from an old device to a new one.


There are many file sharing apps in the market which you can download and use in your devices. In this article, we have analyzed the apps with the best user experience and designed to make file sharing easier. Download any of the above and see what difference it will make in your file sharing experience.